It’s well within a month, now, before I pack up my life and move to Norway for the 2015-2016 school year, where I’ll serve as a Roving Scholar in American Studies under a Fulbright Grant from the US-Norway Fulbright Association. I’m deeply grateful for this rare and, well, magical occasion to spend time—and good time—traveling throughout a country I’ve so long been compelled by—a sort of salmon-toward-the-spawning-place kind of homing. Moreover, this is a special chance to share with Norwegian students and teachers the complex and challenging landscape of American culture as I know it, in all its idealism and its failures, its elusive possibilities and enduring beauty. I hope to maintain this blog with reasonable frequency so you can keep an eye on where I go, what I do, &, importantly, what I see while I’m there (I’ll be equipped with a camera or two).