September 20, 2011



→ Class Resources (Handouts, Study Guides, Etc.)


→ Links of Interest to the Course


→ Resources for Thinking and Research

  • The UW Library is, of course, your primary beginning-place. Take advantage of its vast resources.
  •      → Use the UW Libraries English Subject Research Guide to find subject-specific research tools, including some very handy databases of scholarly articles, like JSTOR and the MLA International Bibliography. The “Articles & Ejournalas” tab is especially useful. (If you’re off campus, be sure to log in via the red box in the upper right corner of the page).
  •      →The Oxford English Dictionary Online is the definitive dictionary for academic use.(Use this link if you are on-campus)
  • →The Academy of American Poets offers short biographies, descriptions, and resources for most American (and some non-American) poets as well as poetry movements and schools. Many author pages include audio clips of poets reading their work.
  • PENNsound is a rich catalog of audio recordings housed at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • UbuWeb provides access to a host of “avant-garde” and modernist/postmodernist artworks, including videos, poems, radical prose, etc. etc.


→ Resources for Writing

Online Writing Resources

  • →Purdue’s Online Writing Lab, OWL, has an extensive collection of materials useful to writers and teachers, including guides and exercises on general writing, research and citation, English as a second langauge writing, and academic conventions.
  • Ask Betty is a UW-designed grammar resource center. It answers common grammar questions and offers guidance for responding to instructor feedback.
  • →The website for The Everyday Writer includes a number of free exercizes, tutorials, and tip sheets.
  • →UW’s International and English Language Programs offers Resources for Students on writing, vocabulary, grammar, and reading.

Campus Writing Centers

  • Odegaard Writing and Research Center offers free tutoring to all UW students by appointment as well as free targeted tutoring for English language learners in composition courses.
  • CLUE, The Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment, offers free drop-in tutoring for all UW students.
  • →The Instructional Center offers free drop-in tutoring for all UW undergraduates affiliated with the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity.
  • Student-Athlete Academic Services offers academic support to UW student-athletes.
  • →Check with invidual departments to see if they have a writing center or suggested writing tutors.

Other Campus Programs and Resources